Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tree's galore + Baby belly

We went with both the real tree and the fake tree!  We got a little fake tree for the living room. And we are getting a real tree for our bedroom. Yes, it will be tiny but at least it will be real and make our bedroom will smell just glorious. Overkill? You bet.

It's been quite the week. Sang in three concerts, ran my first full 5K today, had a financial review (phew, all good) and of course, had the little monsters to look after.

I'm worn out! I wish I could say that I will slow down this week but it ain't so.

The running has made me very aware of my post baby belly. Post pregnancy the c-section opened up and then closed as a big old scar. As expected it sits under my big twin belly and pushes it out. I'm losing weight but my belly is out of proportion to the rest of my body. It looks like I am wearing a bum-bag (fanny-pack) under my t-shirt. It just isn't getting any smaller.

A while back I went to see a plastic surgeon about getting surgery. It would cost $12K with him. If I lost weight the price would come down. I'm thinking that if I land a job I may invest in the plastic surgery. It's not only aesthetic. The constant pulling forward causes backache.

$12K is a year of pre-school. It's a good wack of our nanny fee's, it's a trip for all of us to the UK and somewhere on vacation.

Have you had anything done? Would you get this done? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Since the belly issue is causing you pain, and you have a pre-existing back issue, see if your insurer will cover the procedure as "medically necessary." It's worth a shot. Go see your back doctor, explain the severe back pain you are having as a result of the front-weight, and ask him if he will submit an authorization request for you to your insurer. Explain to him why he will need to include - IN AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE - why the pain and how the fix will cure it. If the insurer denies it, appeal the denial. (You'd be amazed how many denials are overturned on appeal as a general rule).

    Running around and keeping busy like you are, I can't imagine there is anything left to you at all! Happy Holidays, EB.