Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tree decision

I backed off calling the social services on my DH and gained some perspective. And I took a V.alium. That helped.

So ...
Are you a real tree or a fake tree family? Growing up we had a fake tree. I loved decorating it with my dad but Christmastime was hard for my mum. So, the whole thing was a bit of a disaster really.
When I moved to America I saw all the tree's in the street (from the day after Thanksgiving) and I was in pig heaven. A REAL tree. Holy cow, what am I a millionaire. Only really wealthy people have real tree's.

Every year since we met Dh and I spend a lovely evening together, listening to bad Christmas music decorating our real tree.

But now we have the bionic babies. I swear, Mimi is so totally superbaby. She can lift small buildings over her head so a Christmas Tree - ha! no problem.  And Pip, he can wiggle anywhere.

I looked on-line and they range from $40 to $400!! Wow.

So, what do you do? Anyone had toddlers near a real tree? 


  1. My kids are older now 6 and 8 but we always had a real tree. (I grew up with a fake one I hated) We used to put a superyard around the tree when the boys were under 2. As they got bigger we put the tree in the dining room so that it was not temping in the play area. This is the first year we are going to have the tree in the living room....wish me luck

  2. we decided to put a small, real tree on our dining table. our son is 15 months, and it wouldn't be fair to him or the tree to let them near each other. the tree on the table will be out of reach for him, and enable us to enjoy it. i like this idea better than doing a gate around the tree on the floor. sure, it may look funny, but this is one solution!

  3. We grew up with real trees and that is what I want each year in our home. We had our first tree the year our son was born and have had one each year since. It was a challenge, for sure, to keep him away from the bright shiny bulbs and we did have some casualties (broken bulbs not baby).

    Do whatever you feel is right and/or maybe one year skip the tree in favor of a door wreath or exterior decorations. Whatever you do, DO get video of them decorating the tree for the first time. The video we have of our then 2 1/2 year old son being hoisted up by his daddy to place the star atop the tree is priceless!

  4. this is a great topic. Since my twins are 16months and they're into everything, I can't imagine how we can have a tree. They'll push the play yard down along with the tree. We can do plastic balls, but what about the little hooks? Too many dangers for us. I'm just putting lights everywhere and a nice wreath inside the house, and maybe a little table-top tree on a table where they can't reach. Next year we'll brave the real deal.