Friday, November 25, 2011

Baby days & Giving Thanks

The kids are growing up so fast! Mimi is talking up a storm and seems to be learning signs at lightening speed. We watch the video a few times and she just does it. She is walking and almost running. She is also entering the terrible two's stage. She sits on the floor, makes sure I am looking and lets out the most blood curdling screams.

Pip is a sweetie. He just cuddles and loves his mum!! He is walking with help and babbling away. He eats like a trouper.

Thanksgiving was a lovely day. It also happens to be my dads birthday so we skyped. We all got dressed up ready to walk the two blocks to the parade and then the kids fell fast asleep!  We did manage a little but a parade watching then back home to run around while DH got the meal together.

This sounds so normal to most people but to me, it was so wonderful. I didn't grow up with harmonious holidays. The normalcy of it all, the laughter, the hanging out and the good food was a dream come true.

Hope you all had a wonderful day. 

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