Sunday, November 6, 2011

as i sit and write...

... Mimi is half singing, half screaming, half laughing and half crying ( maths is not my strong point) instead of being silently asleep (oh no, now she's singing the "e i e i oooooooo" from Old McDonald's...)

Normally I would bring her out with me, here in the living room and put her in the dog play pen. But. The clocks went back last night as you are all aware and the little fecker sweetie got up a 4am. I have insomnia so I got to sleep around 1am. 4 - 1 = knackered. 

I had forgotten this kind of tired. The early years tired. The tired to your bones and would pay anything for 2 hours sleep.  The four espresso shot that does NADA to help your energy levels. That permanent headache just behind your eyes. 

Being reminded of the exhaustion of that first year something struck me.  I'm amazed that there aren't comprehensive social services for new mothers. In a society that bangs on about family values and the sanctity of the family etc this country is dreadful at supporting the very people that actually build families.  In Denmark, both parents are fully supported for the first two years of the child's life. They get full pay for 12 months for BOTH parents and another year of top notch social support. Denmark scored highest in the index that measures overall satisfaction and happiness across the world (and a remarkable lack of loony politicians).

Huh, where did that soap box come from! 

Oh my, its quiet. I am going to bed. 

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  1. Amen Sister!! I hope you have gotten a little more sleep by now.