Sunday, November 20, 2011

What the ... you bit me!

Today my sweet (yeah, well sometimes sweet) little boy turned into a friggin Tru.e Bloo.d character.  Without warning he bit me on the shoulder really hard. I yelled and put him down. It was really painful. You will be surprised to know my first thought was not 'how can I get him back' but what if he does this to Mimi?

A few hours later he does the same thing again, this time even harder. I screamed in shock and pain. He looked so surprised he burst into tears. He was on the changing table at the time and I signed 'owie!!!' Instead of being the nice loving mom of American TV I was the evil mum of English TV and put him in time out (which means putting him in the corner and turning my back on him for 30 seconds).

I mean c'mon kid - this is not cool. I read up on the almighty web and the consensus is not to clamp his gob shut but to tell him it hurts (you think screeching at the top of my lungs conveys that?) and to replace his need to chew on human flesh with something else - like a chewy toy. Sounding somewhat canine however web peoples swear by it.

Other than human flesh neither one really ate today. The shots must have kicked in from their 15 month evaluation. That and the weird cold they have. They are snotty, tired and cranky. It's been a very long day which I made more stressful by eating like a cretin. Fried chicken (which I don't even like) garlic bread (to test out the new toaster oven and try and get some garlic in the kids) half a bagel and the kids macncheese. Oh and a creme broule.Yes my friends -  a carb and sugar delight. I may have to double up on my run tomorrow if I am not in a diabetic comma.

Any help on the biting most welcome.


  1. I kind of laughed at your "sounding somewhat canine." My little darling likes to pick up the dog's bone and chew on it. I usually manage to grab it before it hits his mouth, but occasionally I turn around and he's grinning at me with a mouthful of doggy bone. Yum. There must be something to it.

  2. Ut Oh! Biting, huh? Both of my kids have "experimented" with biting me and I really do think it's an accident. Or, maybe my fruit scented lotion? Who knows.

    It's a phase. It will pass.

  3. We had biting here for a while too. Luckily it was just the adults and not his brother. We usually let out a startled yell and a very firm "you do NOT bite people!" It lasted off and on for a month or so, and then it passed. Hope the same is true of you as well.