Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What we got ....

A nanny! We offered 'A' and she was delighted. B was pissy. My fault, I think I was too enthusiastic with B. Ah well. Lesson learnt.

A pediatrician! Met an amazing doctor that preempted all my questions and made me feel great.

A delivery date (sort of). Tomorrow is week 34 and I am going to ask for a c-section date. The mental focus will be good for me coz right now, I am hot, fat and uncomfortable. So, we will have an end in sight.


  1. I'm honestly amazed how quickly the time has flown by. I wonder if you feel the same way. Feels like just yesterday you were worried the transfer failed.

    And I love how organized you are. I aspire to do the same and I'm sort of heading there. :)

  2. Yay for Nanny A. If B was pissy that's a good indication of her lack of professionalism. Super-yay for a good pediatrician. I love ours and realize how important it is to like and trust him.

    Oh my gosh...34 weeks already! Has it gone by fast for you? I know the end gets really uncomfortable (especially with humid, NY summers), but try to enjoy these last days. Remember the feeling of those wiggles and hiccups inside you. You'll be surprised how soon you will begin to forget what it felt like.

    So I can't wait to find out the scheduled date!

  3. Yay for a nanny and a pediatrician! I agree with BWUB, if nanny B was pissy, then I think it smacks of lack of professionalism. S/He would not be as nice to deal with when decisions need to be made about the kids.

    Congrats on 34 weeks (WOW!) I remember at 34 weeks, I was really starting to think that it was time to have an end date to the pregnancy. I held out for another 2 weeks; by that time I was SURE it was time for them to make their debut! I hope you can stay cool; you will be a lot less "fat" in a few weeks!!

  4. Wow, EB - Great job. You are so organized! If there is anything you're putting off until they get here - don't. Do it now. I put off searching for a nanny, and now I literally have no time to myself. Glad you chose A, she would have been my choice also.