Friday, July 30, 2010


I phoned the hospital after I got my platelet count back - 111 (lowish) coz with that super high blood pressure reading I was a little panicked. The nurse laughed and said my BP was 124 not 224/88. Stupid NST nurse managed to freak me out for no good reason.

I checked it again with my acupuncturist in the afternoon (after 3 litres of water) and it was 122/82. Not so bad.

I feel weird though. I feel anxious and kinda 'off' but in an emotional way, not in a physical way. Guess its all about the anticipation now. DH is being weird too so that doesn't help. Maybe I am having hormone changes? Or maybe this is normal - towards the end of a pregnancy, in a heat wave, with swollen everything!!!


  1. I know you've only got 2 weeks to go, but I have a home bp monitor you can have. Might be in Manhattan tomorrow. Or maybe you or hubby can pick it up from me at my office in midtown next week. Email me.

  2. In the Dr Luke book she says pay attention to feeing 'off'. I could be be the start of something exciting!

  3. I think DH will come around, NOT that his eventual coming around helps you now! Feeling off is normal I think - nesting should be kicking in. Thinking of you!

  4. I'm much relieved at your correct BP reading. Whew. I do think the hormones begin to peak and ebb and flow during the last month. I was an emotional trainwreck during my final month (not to mention the first few weeks after birth!). Plus, of course, anticipation!

    Not sure what kind of "weird" your DH is being, but you know I'm always having issues with my DH and the baby. My DH was nervous as hell about all that could go wrong - but he didn't want to tell me that's what he was thinking about, so he just came across as being distant. I guess we all have our own issues to deal with. Not that you asked, but I say, focus on the babies, yourself, and beautiful thoughts of bringing them home soon. Let DH figure out his own coping method.