Monday, October 29, 2012

So far so Sandy

I have been off work for three days with pneumonia (i thought i felt ill but i didn;t realize I was actually sick).  Sandy has closed the office for another day or two.


OKOKOK I know, this is a serious storm for everyone in its path but let me have my moment. I get to stay away from Psycho boss for another day or two. When I emailed her that I had pneumonia she asked for a report asap. Whatever. Fire me byatch!!! I don't freakin' care anymore.

So, Sandy means...

  • We played dress up dragon this morning - awesome
  • We went for a quick walk while the rain was mild - kids were awesome
  • We just ordered sushi - bless NYC!!!

Being a mum to toddler twins is never ending drama. It's great, don't get me wrong, wouldn't trade it for the world. Yet, I would trade some of this floor beating, screaming and MINE!!!!

And that is Pip!!!!!

However, hearing my boy count or sing erases it all. Mimi can actually read and enjoys reading to daddy. She is a daddy's girl. It is lovely to watch.

But right now, kids are asleep and we can catch up on our shows. Yahoooooooo!


  1. thanks for posting.

  2. Omg your boss sounds so awful. Because I have been there before and have morbid curiosity about such train wrecks of the supposedly adult world, I would love to know more details, but don't mind me, I'm a ghoul. What is it about bosses and thr world of work that turns people into psychopaths?!! Enjoy your time off!!

  3. Glad you are safe. I am in Queens, but we are fine in my area. I work in a school, so I've been home with my 2 year-old twins, too. My son must be plotting with Pip and coordinating annoying behaviors lol. Max kept climbing onto the TV stand over and over until 10:30 last night, and of course, fell and smacked his face really hard. I just kept praying that I wouldn't have an ER visit in the hurricane! The sad part is that no matter how many trying moments I have, I never, ever, ever wish I were at work! 10 hours of continuous toddler tantrums are nothing compared to psycho b**ch bosses! Feel well and daydream about psycho sitting in the dark, with storm tainted food and no working plumbing hee hee.
    Kathy xoxoxo

  4. Hey EB -- so glad you and yours came through the storm all okay and hopefully you were off work today too; or, at least maybe things in the office were quiet? Take good care.

  5. After publishing this post out lights went out ! We decamped to a hotel. Ah well!

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