Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sandy'd and Snow

We are still not home.

We had to leave coz as soon as I posted my smug little post last time everything went off - lights, heat and water.

Off we trekked to the last hotel in NYC. A dump of magnitudes unknown. Bugs, mold BUT heat and hot water. I was still working full time and running the theatre show which closed on Sunday (as planned).

On Friday I got food poisoning.

Yup. Life has sucked.

We moved into less sucky hotel on Sunday - YIPEEEEEEEEEE

Now we have freakin' snow storm. I can hardly see outside my office window. BOOOOOO

Kids are fine. Luckily we got nice cribs/cots and their beloved nanny can come look after them again.

I am trying to stay positive but with my home life so disrupted the crazy ass mess is getting to me.

Lets hope we get to go home this weekend and put this all behind us.


  1. I am so glad to read that you are safe! I had been thinking of you since Sandy struck and hoping your family was okay. I had been trying to find time to get to your blog but kept getting interrupted. Anyway, so very relieved to know you are all okay and I hope you are home soon.

  2. I'm right here in NJ sista and I, too, got clobbered. But, frankly, I had power back in less than 24 hours - EXTREMELY LUCKY! Most of my colleagues were out for a week - awful. Then the snow, though I do adore snow. Rain and power outages, not at all. ;)

    Hope you're back up and running at 100%.