Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Home sweet holy crap its good to be home.

Our nomad days are done. Last Friday we came home to a warm home. Our warm home. Kids are still a bit wonky, sleeping lots and then totally hyper. Both kids seem to have enjoyed the little excitement but I am sure they could feel the stress we were trying hard to hide.

DH and I are trying really hard not to feel blue. Both of us! I know. What a fun couple we must be. I am making every effort to bull doze through as usual. Going to job from hell. Booking baby sitter for weekend (007 anyone).  Enjoy the kids.

The kids seem to be caring for us in their own toddler way. Lots of cuddles and hugs and kisses. OH MAN I LOVE MY KIDS.  Pip is suddenly mister social - doesnt want to leave any class or playground. Mimi wants her bed but waists quietly and patiently for MR PIP to come along already.

Here's what I am worried about. How will my depressions effect the kids in the long run? Do you ever feel that whatever you decide to do or not do you are screwed????

Friends don't let friends post when depressed. Sorry guys. 

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