Sunday, November 25, 2012

How was yours?

Thanksgiving? We failed.

We and by we I mean I forgot to buy the food.

The restaurant we booked in a rush was great - except it didn't serve Thanksgiving food, or Turkey at all!!

So, I had half a burger. Kids didn't really eat - they were too busy driving their dad nuts by trying to eat his meal.

Next year. 


  1. So it was a memorable, unique Thanksgiving! I actually did cook, but we stayed home and no one came over (LOVED it!). I made stuffing the day before, got the turkey in the oven when the Macy's Parade began on TV, peeled potatoes while babies sat in their swings and opened the can of cranberry sauce just before we sat down to eat. That and a salad made for a pretty simple dinner. Not too bad if I do say so myself! And no family to contend with. Ahhhhhh. Now then...Christmas is coming.

  2. It definitely sounds like a memorable Thanksgiving. I'm glad you guys turned it into something fun. We ended up cooking dinner for 15 people. It was so hectic, but fun.