Sunday, November 18, 2012

PLans are afoot - school and beyond

Here's what we decided to do.

I will place an add on the city university sites for post graduate students in early development. I shall see if they want to work with my guys (and their friends) three sessions a week.  They need to have a full terms lesson plan and I will ask for nanny's or mummies to be present till we are all cool with the situation.

So there you go. Structured play/learning time and it will cost me much less than $80K.

Feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders.

Now I have to start planning next summers jaunt to the UK. It's my dad's 80s this month but instead of celebrating now we are pushing it off to the summer and hiring a bunch of cottages near a seaside town called Scarborough.
A trip the moon would take less planning. The flights ($6-7K!!) are the big expense but we started saving as soon as I got the full time job.  We will be shipping clothes and what not for the kids ahead of time since it take two flights to get to my folks and I am not waiting for bags.
No idea what to do about car seats since who knows how tall Mimi will be by then!!!

New school idea. Holiday planning. Think I need a project book!!!

Wait, isn't there a national holiday coming up. Argh, where do I get a turkey!!!

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  1. Ooh I like your plans for the summer holidays! And somewhere near Scarborough, huh? Do tell - I provably know whee it is!
    That is one expensive trip but if course totally worth it!
    And good luck with your school idea - sounds great!