Thursday, March 22, 2012

this SAHM thing.

If I won the lottery I would totally be a SAHM. This week has rocked. Yes, I am knackered, physically mostly. Two 30 pound toddlers that want a quick cuddle twenty times a day takes it toll however my arms are rockin'. The stress of being with the kids all the time is zero compared to my regular working life. I am NOTsaying that being a SAHM is easy (before I get an avalanche of emails) but I am in a very stressful industry and in comparison to that, I find looking after my kids less stressful. OK. We cool?

We had music class today. We can only afford this one class. It's in a crapped out church hall, bad air conditioning and an out of tune piano and yet we all totally love it. Pip was waiting at the door an hour before it was time to get going. We were the first in the room and he went nuts with delights, running around the big all and rolling on the carpet.

If we had money we could do some seriously cool classes. The Met has a music class and there are ballet classes (running around in tutu classes) and make a mess classes, swimming class, painting,pets and even a swim class. Most of them run to $1000 for 8 weeks. Yeah.

Oh well!

At this point we can't even afford the cheapest of the pre-schools and it looks like the little twin group we got together has mostly moved to 'burbs. I shall persevere tho. My kids will get a pre-school education even if we have to cobble it together ourselves.

I watch the other moms and nannies in the class and can't help wonder why they look so damn miserable.  Maybe everyone is lonely? Hell, they could be sitting in a boardroom wondering how the hell this guy can stab you in the back while dipping into your pockets at the same time! This one women 'comiserated' that my nanny had abandoned us! I said I was loving looking after the kids by myself. I am clearly no professional child minder (they are covered in food and dirt by the end of day) but I love how we spend our time. She snapped that if I had to do it all the time I would hate it. If I HAD to do anything  all the time I'd hate it. What is it about NYSAHM! Prada handbags and crappy 'tudes.

So today is full of new things again. We are having jello (or jelly as they say in my home place) with maybe some ice cream if I get my act together. We are also going for another long walk, this time down to the river and back to the little playground we are partial to. Wonder if the water spray thingy is on?

After that, evening meal, play, bath, supper and bed.

What a cool day. 


  1. I really enjoy your blog! I have 16-month-old twin girls, and I'm a SAHM. I live in Texas, so it's pretty well-accepted here. I do live in the city though (Houston), and I am constantly getting the old "you mean you take care of them all by yourself...without help??" Ha ha! It is a lot of work, but I love it. And I hear what you are saying...while it's hard, it's easier to stay at home and watch your kiddos and have fun than do a stressful professional job in an office. I think as an older mom (I'll be 42 soon), it's easier for me to deal with. We don't do any classes either-- just so expensive! We have something called The Little Gym here, and while I loved it, it's ridiculous the prices for the classes! Take care- you're doing an awesome job!! Have fun with those babies!

  2. I think it's awesome that you're enjoying being at home with your babies. It may be an infertility thing, or an age thing, but whatever - it seems like most "mature" moms would choose to stay home if they could. Hell, I'm staying home and I don't even have kids - who needs a toxic workplace to kill your soul every day...children can feed your soul, if you let them...and it's not forever- they do go to school eventually. It's a very short-lived time, so milk it! (excuse the pun!)

  3. I'm totally with you - I could be a SAHM if we could afford it. I would love it. Yes, absolutely physically demanding, but nothing in the world is more satisfying. Nothing. My boy's open-armed run toward me when I get home, his giggle when we share a joke, our singing, our dancing, reading, finger painting, running in the yard chasing the dogs, digging in the dirt with his tiny plastic garden tools....all of it. It's the best. Sigh.