Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mum mom ma

Our wonder nanny is away this week which means I am running the show, kiddie wise.

So far we have had not made it through a night without a serious wake up from each of them, so they are not happy about the change in leadership.

I, on the other hand, am having a ball.

We play, eat, clean up, play, sleep, play, eat, wash, rinse and repeat. Life is so organized, predictable and easy. Not easy as in no effort but straightforward and manageable. Do I get my buttons pushed .... HELL YES ... but it takes a moment for that grouch to go away.


I think DH is waiting for the mummy meltdown. I am a byatch in the morning for sure - often really tired both physically and emotionally,  but after a couple of big cups of coffee ... zing!!!

I think the thing that makes me the most happy right now is watching how they are growing together.

He has mastered walking, he can go forward, backwards and sideways. With the walking has come a growing confidence. He is such a little tyke but he always get away with everything (except with me). At the play group the other nannies and moms are all in love with him. He smiles and giggles and runs off leaving the mayhem he created for someone else to deal with.

She's becoming more reserved although once she knows you she is super affectionate. Everyone gets a hug and then if you are lucky she might blow you a kiss. She is adorably sweet. Blond hair and deep blue eyes, rosy cheeks and long strong legs. Today she had on khaki shorts, eggshell blue summer blouse and her blue walking boots and she looked like a little hiker,  like a person I would want to get to know. How crazy does that sound.

Walking down the street we get tons of comments and compliments which of course, makes me swell like a peacock.   Since we rarely take the stroller, no matter the distance,  they are walking long distances and I think they love it. It's slow going but totally worth it, IMO.

Tomorrow we shall go on a bus - BIG ADVENTURE~!!!~ or maybe to the children's museum or the zoo. I am so excited.

Maybe we should look at houses in 'burbs?  Nahhhhhhhhh.


  1. How fun to be in the grove like that with the kiddos, I love those days when it all feels like it is working and you think: huh, maybe I can get the hang of this after all. Enjoy, enjoy! They sound so sweet and I would love to see all those stylish NYC outfits.

    Liam is dressing himself these days and it is a riot. Today: orange underwear, red fleece pants, red socks, gray long sleeved tee(backwards), orange(ish) pullover half-zip fleece. He likes to go for the semi-monochromatic look. Much love,

  2. You are so lucky to have a nanny!

  3. Oh, come on EB, you know you so want to move to Queens! LMAO! You are my idol! You bring the kiddos out without the stroller (and on the bus GULP!!!) by yourself???!!! I am such a loser! My 18 month old twins don't even know that they can come out of the stroller in public (unless I have a buddy). They run IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS. Please come and show me the way. I'll pick you up at the LIRR station. Only 25 mins from Penn. See, not so bad..