Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Er.. potty training the cat

I went to bed with a really sore throat last night. You know how that is - all you want is sleep. I figured if the kids screamed in the night I would check there was no blood, tell them "I love you" and bugger off back to bed.

Well, I had a very odd experience.

There was a scream from Mimi but it stopped. So I got up to check (stand by the door not daring to breath) and I thought why is my leg wet? I looked down and my PJ bottoms were kinda wet. And stinky.

Oh hell, I've pee'd myself? How is this possible.

I took them off, washed up and climbed back into bed. Right onto a wet patch. Now I was confused. Lifting up the blanket I saw a pool of stinky liquid right next to my husbands but.

WTH?? he pee'd the bed????

Then it hit me. The stink,  which by this time it was very bad, was coming from the duvet. From the part the cat sleeps in. Where is the cat, by the way?

So there I was at 2 am stripping the bed around my husband who was STILL ASLEEP and searching desperately for some ammonia or vinegar. We don't have either. I put it all in the bathroom and turned the tap on hoping to wash away the smell. Let me tell you, my friend, cat pee is a very smelly and doesn't go away very quickly.

This morning I dumped everything. There is no way I'm trying to save a cat pee stained anything to sleep in. Luckily the pee didn't hit the mattress (thank you mattress savers) but everything else - buh bye.

Turns out some bright spark had closed the door to the cat litter. If it was me then it's an understandable mistake. If it's anyone else they are idiots.

One day I will go to bed, go to sleep and stay asleep for 7 hours. One day.

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