Saturday, February 27, 2010

IF tango

I see Dr K on Thursday to see if the little ones are OK. I haven't gone this long without seeing them. Of course I'm doing the IF tango. "I don't feel pregnant, OK maybe I do, but still, you never know, oh my ..."

Wish I could kick myself up the damn arse.

I am still in two minds about the Doppler. Just not sure what I would do if ...

I am in a very strange place. And thankful everyday I have DH, he looks after me in a special way.

Here's a funny DH story. He made me breakfast this morning. 2 boiled eggs, toast and tea. YUMMY. He really is very sweet. Unfortunately the eggs and bread were a bit old, he served everything on a plate (without egg cups) with a fork!!!! I didn't say anything just got the egg cups and spoon, because it was such a lovely gesture.

And you know, I bet next time he gets it perfectly right.


  1. I had to google to get an idea of what egg cups are! :) Lovely husband though!

  2. Love egg cups! How come they never made it big in the states? That's so sweet of your DH:) good luck with the ultra sound! Hoping everythings just fine!

  3. There is always one more hurdle with infertiles. Always one more milestone to make it to or we worry. Hang in the ultrasound will bring good news!

  4. please post pics after thursday's u/s! how exciting!

    doppler? don't do it! my ob wouldn't even allow me to consider one. they were banned in his office -- too many hysterical phone calls from women who couldn't find the h/b. you're doing great. no doppler needed.

  5. Until you feel those first little flutters, it's easy to keep wondering "Are they still there?" I wondered and worried the same way.

    :) I'm grinning like an idiot about your husband's sweet breakfast gesture. They try, don't they?