Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2 days to go ...

... to the big 12 week mark. I find myself nervous. So silly really, when I have had all the reassurance one could want. I am very excited about being able to tell people. I hate the sneaking around of this first trimester. I have a belly, for sure. I can't sit flush against the desk now. he he he . Love it. I will tell my work colleagues (they are all bitching that I am not travelling this year) and choir friends, family and anyone else who'll listen :-)

Dh can't come for the NT scan. He is totally bummed. He seems to have missed all the big things in this pregnancy so far. Maybe fate is just saving him up for the end where it really matters. He was so sweet this morning. I was tossing and turning in bed (uncomfortable and hot) and he lay there stroking my head and back till I went back to sleep. Ahhhhhhhh. For valentines day he got me a pen covered in hearts (one for each member of our expanding household). I left hints about a heart shaped pendent for my necklace from my favourite designer but clearly he ignored them!!!! Ah hell, I'll take the pen.

Questions of the day: When will I start to feel them? All I have now are sharp growing pains. And I don't have a doppler yet. Should I get one????


  1. I was just reading through some of my old blog posts and came across this comment from you:

    "10 weeks already! wow. How do you feel? You look great! I's love to hear about what its like, the daily view of carrying twins."

    Isn't life funny?! :)

  2. I started feeling hints of movement at about 16 weeks, definite movement at 18ish and could see them move at about 20 weeks! I bought a doppler - I had three prior losses - and it has been so amazing for me. For some people, it makes the anxiety/fear worse - not so with me, it has saved me hours of fear.

  3. I felt the first movement at 16 weeks, but then it was pretty quiet for a while after that. Like meinsideout, I felt movement again at 18 and it became much stronger by 20wks. I never really felt them move as much as other people have said. I felt them hiccup a lot, however, which was a lot of fun! I never bought a doppler b/c I had not had prior losses, but I think that I would have helped. I got so very nervous between the ultrasound dates. I could only go about 2 weeks w/o feeling the need to rush into the doctors office and snatching a u/s wand and slapping it to my belly :)

    I have one piece of assvice about the doppler. One of my babies was a real stinker when it came to finding his heartbeat. I had to be laying in a certain position and they had to put the probe practically under my left breast! If I laid on the opposite side, he would move and we would lose the heartbeat! I cannot tell you how many doctors and nurses I had to have to find his heartbeat. So, with that in mind, if you do decide to go the doppler route, please be gentle with yourself if you cannot find the heartbeat for both of them all the time. There is not a lot of room in their for the both of them, and they may be not in the optimal position to always hear them! Of course that is easy for me to say now....

  4. I have heard that you can start hearing the babies on the doppler after 10 weeks (but it is hard to find) The later you wait the easier it is to hear them of course, but then you will be feeling them by 20 weeks! I never had a doppler, and of course I was worried but what can you do? I want one of those things Kate and I saw on the superbowl commercials - it looked like a hand-held u/s!!! Bet it costs plenty!

  5. Hurray for 2 more days! You're doing great, EB! So pleased that you are starting to be able to really enjoy this now! You deserve joy!

  6. Holy mackrel EB -- you're pregnant with twins! Look at you go. I get a smile on my face every time I think of it. Good luck with these next two days. I can't remember when I first felt Liam move, but it certainly wasn't earlier than 16 weeks or so. (I do remember it was in the elevator at the cancer center, taking Will for a recheck or something, so I bet I could find the date if I tried.) Thinking of you often and reading daily even though I've not been good about commenting lately. Love to you,