Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am busy at work which is great. I like being busy. It also means I have lots of cab time since I visit many clients during the day. In the cab I have what I call my 'thoughtings' time - used to say that as a kid and it stuck. What I clearly mean is I day dream. Today's daydream was so wonderful I just have to share it.

I am in the room we have set aside for the little ones. (It's a lovely room, with a great view, which for NYC is something. We have an old apartment and the windows are really cute.) Anyhow, there I am, in the room with the two cribs, two bouncy chairs and two babies. They are asleep in their bouncy chairs and I am dozing on my new and rather splendid rocker. I can see their little heads, round and soft and perfect. I can see their little feet and hands, relaxed in that 'I'm a baby and I don't care' type of way. They have on cute baby clothes. I'm rocking their little bouncy seats with my feet, just looking at them. It's quiet (for now, I know) and we are all peaceful. Oh and I have a venti Cappuccino w/extra shots next to me!

That is version number one.

The second version is my folks come to visit, the kids are here and all healthy, the apartment is full of people who are all baby mad and the babies are loving it! My dad is a gift with crying babies and I can just see him walking one of them around the apartment my mom just loves to cook and she will love to use the chef's kitchen we have (and NEVER use). DH and I got some extra sleep and feel great and we are all planning where to take the little ones the next day.

I know. In reality we will be stressed, sleep deprived and yelling at each other. But a girl can dream can't she!


  1. I just love reading these kinds of dreams! It gives me hope everytime I see them. I just started my Lupron yesterday and will have my first DE IVF at the end of March. Best wishes for a healthy, uneventful pregnancy for you!

  2. Those are some seriously lovely dreams. I haven't gotten to the point of letting myself enjoy some serious daydreaming yet, but I think you've inspired me to give it a try.

  3. You know what? Reality will be better than your daydreams. Those moments are few and far between in the beginning, but when they come.....they're priceless.

  4. Think how far you've come, in the past year! These dreams are on their way - and you WILL be tired at first but I bet you still will have "the moments" on occasion! So exciting. Take care.

  5. Daydreams are hopes for the future. And I think both of yours will come true. Sure, there will also be crying-baby, spit-up, no-sleep moments, but the perfect daydream moments will happen too! Happy Thoughtings!