Friday, July 26, 2013

Back on the wagon... sort of

Thanks for the comments. It makes the world of difference. I went back at the gym, eating well (except for a little slip last night) and the comments really helped.

It's amazing how different exercising post baby is. It's three years (nearly) and I am all hips and boobs and belly. I know it all bounces up and down when I run so looked on line for new gear  - the stuff that holds you up, in and firm!

What exercise have you found works for you as you get older and your body changes? I love running but I can only do it every other day otherwise my bones will pack in. I find yoga too slow. What have you tried that work?

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  1. I do Cardio Barre (and lost 30" in the year leading up to my pregnancy). There are many similar studios here and I bet there is something near you. It is high energy/no impact cardio done at a ballet barre.