Sunday, July 7, 2013

swimming soups

Mimi love to swim - or splash with intent. I have been unlucky in trying to find a decent swim class in NYC that a) doesn't cost $1000 and b) demands that we attend at 5.30am on a Wednesday.

So, anyway, tonight I was looking at the local outdoor pool that just reopened. Mimi was sitting next to me and immediately started with the 'iwanna' whine. Then she presented me with her swimming soup. "Help me put on my swimming soup, please mamma" I laughed so hard I snorted.

Pip has an interesting pronunciation approach. Mostly he doesn't bother so its like a game of guess what he's saying. Today he said "f+ckman"over and over. Believe it or not that was a request for a yogurt. The folks in the cafe were just looking at me like I was the worst mother in the world. Once I worked it out I said loudly " yogurt, he was just saying yogurt"s

I love this age. Yes, its really freakin' exhausting. It's also brilliant fun. We ran around like loons today ( I was a deranged 'octpaneald' (turns out that's an octopus)) and they were little fishes trying to escape. I mean, c'mon that is pure fun!

OK, it's time to go in and cover them with their blankies, wish them goodnight and get the 'goodbye mommie's' from each. Damn I love being a mum. 

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