Sunday, March 24, 2013

where plans are made and hopes are fanned

I've met with various folks about my plan of going solo. Each and everyone of them thinks it's a top idea. Some have their own businesses and others are would be clients.  I would be spending most of my time on content rather than the endless bulls"t politics. How heaven.

My hopes are just above 'are you crazy' and way below 'take the plunge'!

One step closer to taking the plunge.

At the moment my kids, covered in ice pop yuk from breakfast , are zooming cars all over the walls making tiny little tracks. Oh now, they are pushing all the books of the reading table. Excellent. Time for the clean up song????

OMG. Mimi has gone to the arts cupboard and got the crayons out, Pip got the paper and now they are drawing. WOW. 

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