Sunday, April 20, 2014

He could've been a contenda!

This weekend has been glorious weather. Cool but sunny and after the horrendous winter we were all out of the door and walking around town to our hearts content.

It's also the time of year when we can open actually our windows. In the winter - forgetubaoutit. In the summer? Oh yuck. Autumn …  for a nano second before the snow comes. So Spring is it.
As a kid I loved sleeping with my windows open in late spring.  Cold but somehow not, snuggling under my covers was just lovely. So I left the kids windows a jar last night and tucked them into their big duvets.

This morning Pip woke up with a bright red, puffy eye. He's been bitten all over his face; three times near is eye and a couple of times near his ear. He looks like he's gone 10 rounds in the ring.
Was it that warm? What is up with NYC mosquito's! They all have puffer jackets or what???

So I am now on a war path. I've ordered serious netting for the windows. I've ordered lemongrass and bug spray and all sorts. You bite my kids and I'll make sure your kind is freakin' extinct!

Any ideas - please pass 'em on. Lets face it friends - this means war!


  1. You sure it was mosquitoes? It seems a bit early for them. You might want to look around for any spiders. Yuck. Hope he heals quickly, and doesn't itch them too much.

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