Saturday, February 2, 2013


No, I'm not going to Spain, worst luck. Just full of the joy of a very cold day and not being at work. I adore cold sunny days, even if I can't go out too much (kids are coming down with cold #230958845 of the season).

I had to spend way too many nights away from my wonderful cheeky kids. We skyped. It sucks not being able to cuddle them. To feel so completely helpless if anything happens. It doubly sucks when you are away for a stupid reason (aka my stupid job).

So, the question of the day...

Did you notice different sleep patterns at night emerging around 2.5 yrs? Pip has started crying at night (about 11 or 4am) and will not stop unless I bring him into bed with us. This is not NOT NOT NOT a pattern I want to develop. With twins, we need all the private time we can get.

Mind you, seeing his little face laying next to me in the dark, with his little hands holding mine, his little baby snore upsetting the cats :) I do like that.

Hope you are all well


  1. Yay for being home, boo for sickness and colds! Well, around here, we don't count on any pattern of sleep. Daylight savings (both ends of it) have changed Scout's sleep habits we noticed. He also had his first real nightmare about a week ago (a "mad" dog was hiding behind his bed). Sometimes he wakes every night for a week wanting to get in mommy's bed. Then he'll sleep like a log the next week. So hard to say. I'm stricter than Mr. BWUB, who always caves. I say, nightmare, yes, otherwise, kid, go back to your own bed. But that's me. I hope the colds pass soon.

  2. It's a good habit to redirect them to go back to their rooms. Sometimes they may ask you to stay there with them until they fall asleep. You should try to avoid even doing that. Just assure them that everything is alright (or "there are no monsters under the bed" in our case), you love 'em and you will see them in the morning when they wake up. I caved several times and it bit us in the arse and we went a week with my oldest climbing into bed almost the same time every nite. It was very frustrating. But, over time, we got up and walked him back into his room and helped him get back in his bed. Sometimes he'd cry for 30mins, but that stoppped after a while. It's important to not pick them up and carry them back into the room. This phase will pass soon enough. You just have to stick to your guns. Don't cave or it will only get worse and continue to drag out. Good luck with the colds!