Saturday, February 16, 2013

Toddler non activities.

What do those of you with toddlers do at the weekend? Since they got heavier I find myself reluctant to go outside or go to our play place. Its so selfish. I am SURE the kids are bored out of their heads. 

Now, I am totally exhausted. Work is kicking my arse. I have big black bags under my eyes and I can fall asleep standing up. 

Thankfully the kids are sleeping again (hush my mouth). 

So at the weekend ...  I am so lazy.  We barely leave the apartment. 

Anyone got any ideas? 


  1. Hi Eb, we are busy trying to stay busy also! I have a mothers helper that comes on Sundays for 3 hrs and we take them to a mall with a play area. We have lunch there them home and naps. Saturdays are usually different. My husband tries to be there one day on the weekends and we go shopping or run errands, it's hard with twins at this age, I am not comfortable taking them out of the stroller without another set if hands. How about the museum of natural history? Or MOMA? It's so hard in the winter!

  2. You are not alone. I also stay in the house a lot. That is not selfish at all. I am exhausted (and terrified, they run really fast!!!) just thinking about taking my toddler twins out by myself. I work full-time, am an older mother, and am usually spent when the weekend rolls around. The last thing I want to do is schedule tons of activities. It is very difficult during the winter in general. Spring is upon us and I'm sure we'll be inspired then.


  3. Seriously, I am wondering how I'm going to manage 3 toddlers when the twins get up on their feet. But for now, I adore having Scout ALONE (while my mom cares for the twins) and love that we can jet out the door with nothing more than a sippy cup and a change of underwear (ahem, for him, not me). Play ground. Zoo. Even shopping. He loves it. But if I don't feel like going out, I can always entice him to help me clean house. Really. He actually likes to help dust and he really likes using spray bottles. I give him a little bottle with a tiny bit of water in it (he will use every last drop) and a towel. He gets to "clean" things made of wood or plastic.