Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mosquito's in October?!

In NYC we had a freak hot week and the damn mossies came back fast and furious. BOth kids have very large angry red welts over their legs and poor mimi almost has a black eye.  I got munched on and even the cat got bitten.

What is going on??

Give me the cold sunny weather where all creepy crawlers bog off!!

Any safe remedies out there? Either prevention of treatment


  1. Oil of lemon eucalyptus is a great repellant. Cinnamon oils kills the larvae. Garlic tea also works well, but oh, god, the smell. Lavander and tea tree oil are great for mosquito bites. And you never make a plural by using an apostrophy. NEVER. You only use the apostrophe with nouns to mark the genitive case (sister's love, children's dreams). If the noun is in plural AND genitive, then the apostrophy shifts after the plural form (see same example before). English is a wonderful language, please use it with care and love, i.e. correctly.

  2. * of course, there is nothing to ruin a pedantic tone like a well placed typo. Cinnamon oil kills, while oils kill, I know that. Apostrophe is still never used for making plurals. :-)

  3. Anonymous, you are an asshole! Is that grammatically correct? "Eat me!," said Kathy to anonymous. Is that up to your standards? Punctuation okay? (Sorry EB, hope Pip and Mimi don't read this! LOL)

    Yes, EB, the mosquitoes are atrocious. I was attacked on Friday afternoon. Got about 20 bites in the 5 minutes I was out on the deck talking to my neighbor. Love you!