Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I'm baaaaaack!!!

Blimey its been a long time. Lets play catch up

new job - cool and rocks and insane and fun
went camping with kids and we are already booking the next trip.
kids are fine but we are working out how to get rid of binky. yikes.
its about 90 degrees in nyc and its October. i want to wear my fall sweaters please.
my wonderful and inspiring and very special weight watcher leader up and quit unexpectedly. wtf. i asked her to keep me posted and we (the fat cabel of ww) will follow her blindly

that's about it.
whats up with you?

1 comment:

  1. So glad the new job is good.
    Baby G is 9 mos, wonder when we'll move to ditch the paci. My older son sucked his thumb til he was 4.
    Wish I had a job, or a lead on one, or any inclination as to what I'll do next.
    My aunt's sister died suddenly and now I'll be faced with seeing my estranged parents at the service on Saturday.
    I started Prozac on Friday.
    Didn't lose any inches or pounds in all of September, but didn't gain any either.
    Baby is crawling and standing. Life as I knew it, over ;)