Saturday, September 21, 2013

I want to go home

Mimi has started saying this lately. Out of the blue, whilst sitting on the sofa or doing one her 309509234 jigsaw puzzles she says "oh mum, I want to go home".

I know just how she feels. I really do. Sometimes you just want to go somewhere ... else that is home. Not away. Not on vacation or for a trip somewhere. Just a peaceful, quiet place.

I've been feeling this lately. New job, new routine, new season. It's all good. Yet I would like a moment of zen, peacefulness. I fireplace and a comfy chair and oh some quiet. Especially with two three year olds that talk, yell, fight, scream, need and demand 24 hours a day!!

Next week is the big camping adventure. Watch out Hudson Valley. Here we come. 

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