Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I posted on fa,ceb.ook...

... about the frustrations that is early education in NYC and I got lampooned. Yup, its a hot topic.

Anyhow we are now thinking about a tutor. Here's the reasoning, see what you think. We have twins. Those twins have about 2323432 friends. Socialisation isn't too much of an issue. We think that learning the stuff is more important than where they learn due to the massive amount of activity the are currently engaged in.
So, hire a tutor.

There are tons of early education students and teachers around. My guys need only four hours of teaching a week and the cheapest we can get with an organisation is $4000 a term. A teacher would run us way less and could be shared with some friends.

So, that is what we are thinking.

What do you think?

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