Friday, September 13, 2013

Best place to recover from surgery

The tooth extraction no longer hurts that much but the jaw surgery does. Luckily my darling husband and I got an amazing break for two night in a hotel so here I am resting up on the bed in between heavy painkillers. Where's the hotel I hear you ask? About thirty mins from our home. I know. I know! But flying when you are in pain is just no fun. OK in reality my tough hubbie didn't want to go too far from the kids. Honestly. What a big softy.

Room service is a wonder when your a little pill happy :)

So far no famous person sightings. Bummer.  I have my poker face on just in case "your famous huh? never heard of ya" (for non NY folks this is something that is required of ALL NY residents).

Will keep my eyes peeled and iphone camera on alert, just in case. 

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  1. I'm catching up on blog reading again (aka having a moment to breathe around here). You've been busy! Camping, job, tooth yank and Santa Monica plans in October? A busy New Yorker indeed. Did the camping go well? We bought a little tent and have been saving it for when Scout is a little older. But hey...maybe he and the mister could camp in our back yard one night. I'm going to propose it....