Tuesday, September 3, 2013

OK I stopped laughing now.

Instead of working billable hours today I spent most of the morning organising the kids autumn acitivites. Coz I hate paying for anything full price I searched all the discount sites and got some great deals. Wish my social life was as exciting as the kids is going to be. 

I only have a couple of weeks till full time work starts and I am going to try and go to as many classes as possible. 

I was looking for a school prep class and the cheapest one I've found is $350 per month per child. At that price why wouldn't I just send my kid to a private school? 

It's all a bit fooked up. 

Since Labor Day came and went we have retired our white seersucker (yeah, not really) and are prepping for the wonders of autumn. I LOVE AUTUMN! 
I'm going through cupboards and drawers and just chucking out anything that has been in there for more than 1 yr and not been used. It's a glorious feeling. Bags and bags are on the outs. 

This is in response to not being able to move thanks to kid crap everywhere. Enough is enough. I am taking the apartment back. We are creating a little sitting area in our bedroom so we can read and what not in quiet. I am calling it my mumcave

How do you prepare for the next season? 

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  1. With two kiddos now, I am preparing for Halloween and for summer camp for our older son for next year (I did not like the expense this year and next year he needs to pic specific camps (swim camp, chess camp, golf camp, whatever).