Thursday, September 5, 2013

Camping and soccer and ballet oh my

We have decided to camping for the night. Which of course means ... stuff. You know ... tent, sleeping bag.  The great thing is this is going to be backyard camping for one night only. Late September me and  kids will be under the star studded sky in the Hudson Valley.


I grew up camping and haven't been for decades. I love falling asleep outside. I cannot begin to imagine how it will be falling asleep outside with my two kids.

The fall schedule kicks in next week. Dear lord our kids are busy. I may have over done it just a little :-) Dancing, yoga, art, soccer, 'learning' ( you know learning to read etc).  I won't be able to go to many of their classes but knowing they are having fun will be great while I start another new job.

I also think bike riding is on the books for the autumn. And apple picking.

Oh this is gonna be fun. Take a look.

Tents sure got fancy since I last went camping - that end bit is called a PORCH and the middle bit is the  hinged door. Reading books under the stars and telling each other stories. Gonna rock.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the idea of camping. And, we, too camped often when I was a child.

    But, much like the beach and my hatred of sand, I have no desire to actually GO camping. Cabining, yes, but camping, in tents, sleeping on the ground without a real bathroom? No thanks.

    You have fun! Sounds like you will.