Sunday, June 28, 2009

settling in...

thanks for humoring me and signing up here :-)

I was speaking with my mom about my young nephew. By all the descriptions it sounds like my little fella may have a touch of the CF. He has asthma, colds, coughing , chest issues etc. It made my choice to go down the DE route all that easier. I know I am a CF and my family has all sorts of crap floating around (schitzophrenia, Parkinson's, diabetes etc). Our kids will have the chances we can't genetically give them with a huge amount of love. Makes me happy and eager to get going.

I have been on the active list for less than a week. I want them to call already! I need to think of a way to distract myself. I have 5 pounds to my second weight loss goal. My back is being treated, my teeth are being sorted... I'm stumped. What to do? I would train for a marathon or a triathlon but I can't until my back is better. I am directing a play reading which may lead to a director's gig.

Ideas anyone???


  1. Oh my...what to do? Too bad you have to work, you could drive up to the Finger Lakes wine region, mill about and sip tasty wine. I guess you could buy a good book and absorb yourself into it for a week or so. You could paint something....a wall, a canvas, a wooden rocking chair. Am I helping? You should definitely call the clinic at least once a week to inquire about your status on the list. Squeaky wheel and all that.

  2. Happy new blog and congratulations on your weight loss!
    when I need to fill time, I read. read, snack, nap, fret.

    write a book? knit a blanket (you can do it in squares)--?

    good luck!

  3. Congrats on your weight loss. Great job. If you haven't already done so, you can read all of the Harry Potter books before the movie comes out on July 15. You could clean out that drawer everyone has in their house that is full of odds and ends.

  4. Are you still taking lessons? Maybe you could do a joint recital with a friend or two (or three!) Four of my singer friends just did that yesterday, this is the 4th time (with variouus singers) they've done it, about once every 2 years or so. They call it the Diva Recital, and each one learns a couple pieces and they usually do something together at the end; they all go in for the accompanist and wear really snazzy dresses. But it is casual - at a church or where ever they can find space. Very fun.

    I've done a couple recitals since my college years (when it was a forced issue) and they sure distract a person! Right now I'm really focusing on an audition in August, I plan to take tomorrow (transfer day) off, but will get back to it Wednesday. Hopefully this will distract me from beta results and any subsequent waiting (just waiting for the shoe to drop here) - good luck!

  5. Organize your office so that when you want to take time off during pregnancy you're all ready to go? I have boxes and boxes of stuff in my office that need work (you could come here!).

    Welcome to the new space. I hope I won't offend but, I was just thinking about a touch of CF. . .Will, you know, has CF so it's sort of a big deal in our house. He was diagnosed in first grade and eventually needed a lung transplant at 33 to survive, and is now (post-tx) and at 40 down to less than 50% lung function. CF will shorten his life by, we don't know how long yet, but it's unlikely he has more than 5 years left. (Barring some big breakthrough in treatment.) Anyway, I assume your dear nephew has been tested and is getting treatment if needed. As I understand things, early intervention and treatment is important to help prolong life and put off the need for transplants, even for people with a mild CF mutation. Anyway, I don't mean to be meddlesome or anything, and I'm sure you know all that if you're a carrier, so enough already. The weight loss is so very cool!

  6. Congrats on the awesome weight loss! You have inspired me to get my fat A$$ into shape :-)
    I'd like to chat with you privately about donor egg - I am facing that decision shortly and I'd like to talk to someone whose already made the decision. if you are willing, you can email me at