Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What to do ... what to do

So July 4th is a coming (stating the obvious) and since I am not American it doesn't mean that much to me. However, DH is American and would like to celebrate. We are going to be staying put since we can't travel (thanks to my back) and so ... what to do, what to do.

I booked a couples massage at a nice spa for Sat. We shall go out for BBQ naturally and I shall make a reservation at a nice but not pricey place for a romantic diner. But what else?? Everything is either millions of people or millions of dollars. I looked into a fancy hotel - 600 dollars for a queen bed. WTF!!!!!!

What are you doing?

I would much prefer to be rubbing my pregnant belly and hanging out in a garden somewhere. But that could be said on any day of any week!!

Oh and check out Sprogblogger - she is peculating over there. A healthy doubling and no mistake!!


  1. Ask him what he would like to do. Typically a BBQ and viewing some fireworks is enough for most people. If he is a history fan like my husband, you may want to see if he'll watch a war movie, like Patton or Band of Brothers. Sometimes a baseball game is fun on 4th of July if there is one in your area. Have fun!

  2. Nice that you are thinking of your DH for the holiday! I have to say I'd be really sad without fireworks on the 4th. But we HATE crowds too. I might be satisfied with a tv viewing, but in our area you can drive to the edge of town and still see fireworks in the distance. But maybe your DH doesn't care about it - I guess asking is the key!

    We are going to my inlaws on the coast. BIL is having a fireworks display in a field (our land - 100+ acres) and all the neighbors come and chip in. It is really cool, and kinda like a late night potluck. I bet you (and me too) would call most of the guys there rednecks - but if it doesn't rain it will be great (since is DID rain earlier this week so there isn't much fire danger - they are very careful about that since it IS their land after all!)

  3. Yes -- ask. I like fireworks on the 4th of July myself, but only at a distance because I (also) don't like crowds or, particularly, loud noises, or smoke. . .. When we were little we used to go out on the sailboat with our parents to watch fireworks and all I remember is that it would get really, really late, and we would have to run around on deck stamping out embers that fell onto the sails we hadn't bothered to bag up yet. It sounds nicer than I remember it actually being. Once I was flying home from some work trip on July 4 and could see fireworks from the airplane. That was neat. I hope you find something fun! I'm with you on the wishing to be otherwise occupied; we're going to Will's parents for a bbq and I'll be sad, thinking, if only my FET had worked I'd be finding out the sex of the baby about now. As it is, I'm trying to sell baby gear on craig's list.