Wednesday, July 1, 2009

squeeky wheel

I emailed Cornell yesterday to let them know I have lost weight and please, would they amend my 'sheet' (the sheet that they use to match you). Of course the would. I was then informed that we were on the list as of February 2009. WTF?!? Last I heard it was August 2008! So I calmly followed up (which took some doing since I am on steroids) and it turns out they made a mistake. We are on the list as of August. PHEW.

Match me now, now, now pleeeeeaaase.

Oh and I saw my MRI back images today. I have 3 herniated disks but only one is serious and one ripped something which according to the doc "is painful". NO SHIT SHERLOCK . The great news is that its all redeemable and fixable (sort of) and is a great weight loss motivator.

And I had my post removed today from the reroot canal #2.

Yes, retail therapy was in order and I bought a wonderful, glorious burnt orange shoulder bag. It is nearly as gorgeous as I am.

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  1. Hey, good for you getting Cornell straightened out about things! And I love the strong woman attitude! You go, oh gorgeous one!