Friday, July 10, 2009

we're everywhere (warning: politics views stated)

I just had one in an endless round of business lunches and once again the talk turned to kids. I tend to be somewhat open with familiar folks about IVF but not most. Well, there must be some sort of scent I give off coz without fail the person opposite tells me of their IVF babies.
Yes, the women (and a few men) are somewhat older but not that old. Yes, we are all well paid since most of these lunches are with CEO types. So we fit the demographic.

Here's what weird. Its all so confessional. Hushed tones, winks, knowing smiles. This last one wanted to write an expose about the 'sub culture' of IVF in NYC - who's done it and where. No thanks! I don't consider it a sub culture. I consider it a medical issue. I didn't chose to be infertile. Its not a scheduling issue (you listening Brad & Angelina).

I would write about the medical establishments and how they discriminate based on income and how it's driven by the insurance companies unethical policies about payment for IVF. I would also write about the politics of IVF and how religion should have no part in creating health care practices since this country was founded on a division of Church and State. I would write about how the USA has one of the worst track records for infant death at birth due to unethical birthing procedures that are based on hospital maximizing dollars instead of patient QOL.

But I am not going to write a gossipy book about how 'we're all doing it"!!


  1. Here, Here, Sister! I agree with you completely in your suggested article. Although I have not shared my IF journey with many people IRL, it's not because I feel ashamed about it, it's only because previous attempts to discuss it with people resulted in unwanted flak. BUT, your proposed article gets to the heart of the core issues surrounding IF and IVF. Cost. Insurance. Regligion. Quality of Life vs Bottom Line. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    In other matters, are you and your donor scheduled to GO in August? Any further contact with Cornell? I'm excited for you to start!

  2. Here, Here Sista!

    Honestly, love everything you said. I second it all - especially the part about religion. Our country better wake up and smell the f***ing coffee on that subject before one day not too far in the future, someone smack in the bible belt finds themselves without a life-saving medical procedure because the "religious right" decided it's morally questionable.

    Let's leave our individual religious and moral boundaries out of science and medicine, eh?

  3. Amen! And amen to Brangelina.

  4. OH DITTO DITTO DITTO!!! There is not IVF subculture(OH GAG ME!!!). I'll happily help you with an article to show the REAL life of it. The total lack of insurance care for it(but an abortion costs a mere 400). The disdain for comments when people have no iota of a clue what they are talking about and finally the MERE fact its not a choice to be infertile. Why would anyone chose it???