Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crazy weather crazy me

Yesterday I was so tired I ended up getting an anxiety attack at work. It was nr the end of the day so I just left. I made of point of getting to bed early. It's amazing how some people reacted to it though and by some people I mean dh. He had to take the helm and I refused to come out and help him. I took a sleeping pill and went to sleep.
This morning the cats room (she has to be secluded when we're not around) was a total mess. Crap everywhere. He had fed her 1/5 of what he was supposed to and her complicated medical routine wasn't written down so I have no idea what he did (we are supposed to show the doc on Sunday).
why cant he just do it! Why can't he do the thing, the job, the chore properly? After we spent thousands of dollars on getting her on a positive prognosis he messes with her feeding!!! That is the very thing that can kill her. WTF!!!

And she is a cat. What happens when its kids?

I have a friend who's marriage is dissolving. It started with when their kids were born.

Needless to say, I am worried about all this.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the anxiety attack, but it's so understandable after all you've been through lately. And I hear your frustration about your DH...How is Miss Kitty doing today? I hope she's alright, despite eating less than she was supposed to. As for your question about what happens when it's kids...I think a lot of women (including me) go through the same worry. I'm of the pick-your-battles camp - if the "not-how-I-would-do-it" behaviour will cause the pet or the child harm, I lecture and yell and stamp my feet so much that he won't ever THINK of doing that again. Other things, I just sigh and let slide. That said, I imagine your DH is also exhausted from all of this. I hope you can both get some R&R really soon.

  2. You poor thing! I am sorry DH didn't really come through, my guy is so similar but I have to say when it comes to our boy (and ONLY then) he really steps up. Not always the way I would do it, but he LOVES D and really tries. So I wouldn't put too much into his abyssmal kitty assistance, at least translating to kids.

    You need a break! Hopefully you can get it one way or another. Thinking of you as you continue to WAIT!

  3. Ya. You need a break. I know you said you'd blown through all the vacation time. Hopefully you can just plan to rest and relax this weekend? Quiet weekend at home maybe?

  4. I think it's amazing that any couple even makes it through infertility treatments, never mind the really hard job of raising kids! You're not alone in what you're experiencing with your DH, and I really think there will be a big difference in how he cares for his child, vs the cat. I think something just kicks in when you become a parent (I hope!!)

    Hang in there, I know the waiting must be so stressful, but you are on your way!!!

  5. Oh. Not so good. My DH would have done the same and I would have cried and read him the riot act. You probably really NEEDED to rest and sleep and not have to be responsible for kitty for just.one.night. We want to hope them men will be able to handle it and are scared when they don't. But like Jill's DH, I think he will pay more attention when it is your baby, your child, who needs the attention. And if he didn't know what to do, he'd wake you. I hope miss kitty is okay.

  6. hope your kitty is doing ok....and as for husbands, i do think they try, they just don't have the same standards as us sometimes...hugs!