Thursday, July 30, 2009

waiting waiting waiting - UPDATE

From my coordinator...

I am starting to work on dates and I wanted to see if you started

your period yet. Please let me know because I will want to get you

started on birth control pills and it will help me to set the

dates. Please advise.

Have a great day!

Wha?? I just finished my damn period. Is that bad? No-one told me to phone in!! What ever, one step closer. I must say, bitching to the blogiverse seems to get great results at Cornel!

why oh why haven't they called. People are getting pregnant all over the place and here I sit like a freakin' IF wallflower!!

I can't hassle them any more. Just can't. And I could throw myself into work coz ... well that is what they pay me for. But I just want to be pregnant already. I don't want to be in the 2ww. I don't want to be staring at a BFN. I don't want to be thinking about next steps. I want to be thinking about food, morning sickness, baby suits (the best thing EVER is a clean baby in a clean suit).

It looks like 'Cat Crisis 09' has quietened down, at least for a day or two. She is eating like a champ now & we cuddle on the settee all night. Man, it's nice to emerge from the depth of this one. I think I lost my mind a little. We get the next liver tests on Sunday and then three more weeks till the tube comes out.

Maybe in three weeks Cornell will phone, cat will be tube free and I will hit my 30 pounds mark. My new motivation is that there is a ton of really cute maternity wear out there but I would have to be quite a few dress sizes less. So I am starting an endurance training thing - rather than do big weights at the gym, I will be doing lower weights for a long time. It burns more fat and helps metabolism to speed up. Add the yoga for muscle tone and flexibility and there I will be, in my cute autumn maternity outfit.



  1. Amen to that. I'm getting far to used to being the wallflower. lol.

    I'm glad kitty is feeling better!

  2. And why can't you hassle them anymore? "Just checking in" phone calls aren't hassling anyway. "When might I expect to start my meds?" is a perfectly reasonable question.

    I know that in IF time, one week = forever. It becomes impossibly aggravating. But I'm thinking that if you start your meds in August and have your transfer in September, you could have a wonderful June baby. Warm summer days and darling infant sunsuits and wispy fine baby hair shining in the summer sun. It is going to be wonderful. I am confident you will hit your 30 lb goal and I'm so relieved to hear that kitty is on the mend. Wish all good things coming your way!

  3. You have been so awesome with the weight loss!! and yay for kitty getting better....let this be the start of a trend where things start to fall into place for you :) hoping that phone rings soon!

  4. How annoying that they just assume you will know to tell them about your period! I think it isn't a big deal, but probably you will just be on BCPs until the transfer now.

    Glad the cat is getting better, what a nightmare. I hear your aggravation, it is so frustrating to just be waiting forever! Hoping your wait is coming to an end - cute autumn maternity wear, here you come!

  5. It's good that she emailed you but, yeah, a heads up to call with CD1 would have been nice. Can you start on the bcp now? I would have rung them right up and asked. C'mon coordinator.....COORDINATE!

  6. Yay for miss kitty and yay for you taking care of yourself, sticking with your plan, and getting the Cornel people off their butts. Thinking of you and hoping that the stress factors all dial down soon!

  7. So happy to hear kitty is improving. Gosh, what a relief and hopefully a load off of you soon. And your exercise regime is most impressive. I'm so in awe.

  8. I can finally post comments again - for some reason I haven't been able to do it in weeks but I have been following along. So glad your coordinator called - that means things are starting to happen. Before you know it you'll be waiting for transfer day like me - it really flies by once the ball starts rolling. Glad to hear your kitty is getting better. Good luck on your fitness plan. Sounds like everything is falling into place.