Monday, July 13, 2009


So I dropped my cat off at the vets today. He phoned an hour later. She has a high enzyme count in her liver or something. It could be the 4 pound loss due to not eating. It could be an infection. It could be cancer.
They have kept her to rehydrate her and they'll call tonight. If she doesn't improve then the will do an ultra sound of her liver (I think for cancer cells). Not sure after that.

I love my cat so very much. She is very cute and very smart. She is my shadow when I'm at home. When I m/c she didn't leave my side. She slept on my pillow, sat in the bathroom while I threw up from the pain and lay across my stomach when the cramps were really bad. She has big green eyes and a black/brown face and she stared at me for days, till I was ok.
I keep thinking of her, all alone and hooked up to an IV. Wish I could just sit with her. Seems unfair that she looked after me when I needed her and I don't get to do my bit for her. I'm trying not to be too dramatic about all this. Trying to keep the whole thing in proportion. Hard though.

If she is really sick I won't keep her alive for my benefit, I always thought that was so cruel. I will rip out my heart and do the right thing. I know there are many, many worse things in this world. I know some of you out there have to deal with so much more than a sick cat. I'm sorry if this post seems self pitying. It is. It's just that I love her.


  1. Your post nearly brought me to tears. I completely understand the deep, unconditional love that we have for our pets. And how hard it is when they are sick, and when we eventually lose them. I am hopeful though, that your kitty cat will be just fine. High liver enzymes indicate any number of things, many of which are easily fixed. I will hope and pray that she has one of those simple things and that she will be home in your loving arms soon.

  2. My cat, Luke was my best friend for 18 years. He passed away over a year ago, and I miss him still to this day.

    Sending good thoughts that your kitty can be fixed (they often can, such resilient fellows).

  3. Hoping your kitty just needs a little rehydrating. It is so nice to have a cat just laying with you when you are down or sick. I miss having our cats indoors, but the boy can't tolerate it (asthma). Good luck, thinking of you and kitty.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet cat. I have two sweeties, myself. I hope she feels better after rehydrating, poor baby. I'm hoping you get some good news soon.