Monday, July 20, 2009

Why my cat rocks

She is a total fighter. The animal hospital called to check up on her. She's eating off the spoon, I tell them. About 3/4 of a small can. 'Discontinue the force feeding and see what happens'.

This morning I was feeding her off the spoon and she gave me this look .... monkey! I want more! So I put the food in the bowl and whamo - she tucked in. OOOOHHH yeah baby.

Prognosis of full recovery - 90%


we still have to get up at 530 am and medicate her through the day but damn, I love her! What a great little one. I think the backside has dried up as well. At least it's not a fountain of yellow loveliness.

So what did my IF side learn from this? I am not sure about having twins!!! My DH and I have to schedule ... everything. Who does what when. He tends to want to give orders. Well, my dear, that don't fly.

And on another note. Yesterday I directed the first reading of a new play. The first time I have directed a play in 10 years. I was a very different person when I was in the theatre. I like what has happened in my life. I like the director I have matured to be. Looks like a little side line of creativity is opening up.

Ahhhhhh, I can relax a little - well, sort of (just did the 2 min mile to get home to medicate kitty and get back to work) and wait for whatever comes next!!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that your kitty is doing better each day. I hope she never has another bout of this dreadful liver sickness. But whatever comes your way, I am confident you can handle it. Smart-mouthed cabbies, very sick kitties or demanding husband -- you're figuring them all out. Congratulations on directing the read! Very cool.

  2. hurray for a kitty on the mend! this was good
    "mommy" practice.


  3. Very good news on miss kitty...what a relief! So is this a play the rest of us could see? I'm very impressed, BTW.

  4. SO happy about the cat! YAY!
    Gosh darn, that was awful. Hope she makes a full recovery soon.
    And you-- I love the idea of you directing! And yes, what a difference a decade makes in us, eh? I love the idea of creativity for those of us who get too busy for it-- it feels like food after a long hunger I think. It is as if we are reminded of something. Oh yeah, I like this piece of me!

    Good for you on al fronts,

  5. That's wonderful news about Miss Kitty! Good for her and good for you! reading, huh? Director? That's very interesting. I'm in the theatre, too...I'm glad you're enjoying the project and getting the juices flowing!

  6. Glad your cat is doing so well - sounds like things are really looking up. And your DH will come around if there are twins, just to survive! Good luck with the play.