Thursday, July 9, 2009

You want a piece of this...

I realized how much I've matured over this past year. I was in a cab coming back to my apartment. Once we got to my street I asked the cabbie to pull over. He didn't respond so I assumed he hadn't heard me. I repeated myself. He rounded on me and he was a big fella
"ok if I pull over? Huh? huh?OK if I pull over"

A year or two ago I would have been terrified.

I smiled. Pathetic. Pathetic bully that has no idea what I can do. I can survive through two pregnancy terminating within me, I can take pills, pain and massive depression. I can handle my privacy being invaded, my private parts being examined, judged day after day and failing 'the test' time after time. You think you can intimidate me!

"You didn't respond to my first comment so I repeated it"

I slowly counted out the money (sans tip) and handed it through the window. He grabbed at it and started counting. Once again he snapped around and started in on me. I had a dollar held out so he bumped into. He tried to intimidate me by staring at me but I just sat there ... waiting.

Thanks, he mumbled and turned around.

It is true that through adversity we can rise, grow and discover more of ourselves. All good qualities to be a mom.


  1. Wow...good for you! So did he have to reach out to take the dollar? What a jerk! Whatever his problem was, I'm glad you stood up for yourself. And one day you'll stand up for your children when a bully tries to indimidate them. You'll show your kids how to be calm and rational and yet retain the upper hand. Brava!

  2. That's right, don't mess with the elephant queen! I think I figured out my blogger issues...hopefully this will post.

  3. brave you-- good for you for keeping your shit together! it is always harder for folks to freak out alone. Good for you! and great qualities for momming.


  4. You go -- that's great! In my own life I work hard on the idea that the only thing I can own is my own reactions to people and situations, and having some sense of self-determination about that is way more powerful than anything anyone else can do to you (certainly in the relm of day-to-day boorish behavior, anyway). This has also proven very handy when your 2-year old starts whining at daybreak and continues virtually unabated until dusk. Hopeing for a great Friday for you moving into a great weekend. With love,

  5. Good for you! I was reading and saying, "Shit yeah. Don't you disrepect her." An excellent lesson for future mommying work.