Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Negotiating healthcare

Taking your sage advice I badgered my dentist till she set two appointments - Friday 17th and 21st. That is enough time for my teeth to be fixed for sure - as long as she gets organized which is not a given. All I need now is the mammogram (Thursday) and an PAP. I don't have an OB so I emailed my coordinator to ask if I could get it done at the hospital (and to remind her to call me!!)

It looks like 6-12 weeks is a normal time frame to wait from match to transfer. Of course that is smack bang in the middle of our holiday to see my folks in Europe! Oddly enough, my ma phoned and said to only come over if my back is 100%, so I do have an out (clearly I am not discussing my reproductive journey with my family). If my back is better by then and we can't go I think I will tell her that we are doing another IVF cycle. What is the reason for withholding? My ma is very sensitive around early pregnancy (she had multiple losses and most quite late) and she prefers not to know. One day she said "oh, for goodness sake, just adopt already". Thanks ma.

I am glad there is a bit of breathing room. It gives me more time to drop some weight. how I would love to get to 30 pounds (which is totally doable since I have already dropped 21 pounds) It would also be agony to be pregnant with this annular rip. Yesterday I over did the cross trainer and today my back is sore and achy. It's like having a stone that aches in your lower back. My back doc says there should be improvement over the next couple of weeks. I am starting to wonder if he is any good. Its been 5 weeks already. Yes, I am in less pain but still can't sit for more than an hour without being crippled. I am seeing the senior partner on Friday, maybe he will reassure me.

Melissa just emailed - I can do the pap at Cornell whilst we have our state exams done (blood work). Excellent!!


  1. 9 more pounds is very possible and you clearly have great willpower (can you send me some?).

    Disclaimer: I am NOT dieting. But I've lost about 5 lbs. since flying out to Denver. I think it's just nerves and a lack of appetite (from nerves) that's the culprit. I could use 30 lbs. off total but during pregnancy is no time for that, I know. However, my fervent wish is not to gain more than 15 lbs. total.

  2. I'm sorry to hear of your mother's difficult time. Geez...but I can understand why you'd maybe not mention it. Well, you got the dentist's buttons pushed...and your continued weightloss is most impressive. Good work, girl.