Sunday, July 5, 2009


I did it again. I went back to bl.iss for another massage. I can't help myself! OMFG seriously wonderful. I had the blis.sedout massage and holy cow, was I blissed out. Still am!

It got me thinking. If the DE doesn't work I am going to a Caribbean spa for a week. I don't care how much it will cost (I shall add it to the pile of IVF bills we already have). It will be the end of us trying to have biologically related off spring and it will be the end of chemically altered states and highly restricted diets, movements and bills! We will move on to adoption. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem at all with adoption. It isn't a consolation prize I'm after.

I want to mark the end of IVF with something glorious, something celebratory. As a couple we will have endured a year of trying times, no intimacy, timed intimacy, stress and more stress for both, emotionally and physically. We will have deserved it. I want to celebrate enduring, surviving and perhaps ... growing.

I want a romantic beach, with plenty of sun soaking and cooling in the sea. I want my body brushed and rubbed and softened and pampered to thank it for getting me through and my soul to be nourished by the relaxation and timetable free, spontaneous intimacy with DH.

imagine that


  1. The DE will work - but enjoy the spa anyway!

  2. Spa--sounds fantastic. Also, the idea of DE working just fine; very fantastic. Glad you had a good weekend and hope the packet arrives soon!