Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ah a good nights sleep

I'm doing better, thanks for letting me know we are all in the same boat! I will speak with DH about how I feel but not till we are both rested and back to normal

Kitty update: biopsy says she has infected bowel disease so we have added steroids (kitty 'roid rage)to her fountain of drugs. Hey IVF drugs - walk in the park compared to what miss Kitty has to go through. Last night she came out of her seclusion place and we lay on the settee together all evening. I watched Masterpiece Theatre and she slept. Perfection.

I am checking out Krip.alu (i think that's how its spelt) in the Berkshires. It is cheap and I can do a weekend ( a two hr train ride from NYC). It looks like the instructors are really great and as a yoga retreat I would get a weekend of fresh air, quiet and rebalance. I feel I need to get ready for the DE and right now I am way too physically and emotionally stressed. DH could look after kitty and I would pay the nurse to come in each day to give him a break. Alternatively I could hire a friends house on the lake for the weekend. Cheaper, quieter and I can swim in the lake which would please me no end (such a water baby).

Anyhoo - emerging from the crisis (I hope) and trying to sleep as much as I can.

Good luck to all those waiting to see, hear and know.


  1. The Berkshires are great - have you ever been? Enjoy yourself no matter where you end up. Kitty is still in my prayers! Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. In my experience, my DE cycle was the only cycle that I felt calm, even though my mother passed the month before and I was looking for a new job. It was oddly peaceful. I exercised, did yoga, acupuncture. Everything I could to be calm. I'm so excited that you are starting soon. It will all be good!

  2. Either place sounds great - I think any kind of "getaway" would be just the thing. You just need to recharge for a moment! I hope it all works out for you, and DH will manage just fine. The waiting part is the worst for me, waiting for EVERYTHING; especially getting started. Good luck!

  3. I think a getaway is a great idea too. Just make sure DH has full written instructions for kitty and can verbally repeat them all to you before you leave! I once had a kitty with some sort of bowel malabsorption problem. She got down to 4 pounds when they started the steriods. In no time she was well and eating and her same old self. So I hope your Miss Kitty will be the same. Glad you got some rest.

  4. You sound much better - so glad. I was worried about you! And I'm happy to hear Miss Kitty is back on the sofa - a great sign! A getaway is a perfect idea - both options look wonderful...the lake is especially appealing. You deserve a nice break!