Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's a new day

It finally feels like summer today. Hot, humid and sunny. Can't believe I am going say this but I actually like it!

So weigh in - another 1.2 pounds. I am 1 pound away from my first goal. I have on a summer dress that I bought ages ago and it fits so nicely now (no idea why I bought a dress that was 3 sizes too small for me but that's another post). I celebrated by going out to brunch with DH and had Eggs Benedict without the sauce. Yes, I love the sauce but I just can't help but think of all the fat in there. Who am I! I shall have something naughty tonight. Maybe an English chocolate bar. maybe a slice of pie. I have been obsessing over pie ever since I saw BWUB amazing pie shots - like food porn!! Ok enough food. Wow, I am nearly 30 pounds lighter. I love this feeling. Think it will help me get preggers? I am doing it for that but mostly coz I want to be a fit and healthy mum. I want to be like the women next door that looks great with 3 small kids, a busy life. She exercises with them and they play all the time. I want to be that mum.

DH has been asked to shoot in Haiti. I know his job takes him to far flung places. But I am sitting here thinking all those medical shots. will the effect his sperm???? I know - obsessed!! I'm not going on this trip (hopefully I will be pregnant) but I will help plan it all, which will be fun. He is going after the DE IVF clearly. I had so much coffee I am typing so fast smoke is coming off the keyboard!

And finally miss kitty is doing well. She has a her stomach tube in and a snazy new tshirt. She is coming home tonight (at 9). I have decided to try and shake the crisis mode I am in. Enough already. I love her, we paid a huge amount of money to help her, she will get better and we have medical care for her four lunchtimes a week till she is fully recovered. I need to catch up on my sleep, get back to regular exercise and re balance my mojo ready for the DE cycle.

Thank you dear friends for supporting me over this very emotional couple of weeks. You made all the difference.

Where can I get good pie in NYC?


  1. You sound chipper! Good for you! Congratulations on losing another 1.2 pounds. I do think it will help you get pregnant. Honestly, I'm glad you're not going to Haiti with your DH. It's a sad place, poor and not very hygenic. You will have some embryos to protect, you know? I'm so glad to hear kitty is doing better and she will be home again. What a little trooper she is. So go enjoy your let us know what kind you choose!

  2. Glad ms kitty is doing so much better. And wow! you are doing so well with the weight loss! I'm totally impressed as I apparently am gaining all your lost weight. *sigh*

    Bet there are great places for pie in NYC. Tell me all about it.

  3. Oh my gawd, your weightloss is most impressive. And I would agree you sound very chipper. Excellent! Wishing Miss Kitty a speedy recovery. Poor thing, I'm sorry you all have to go through that.