Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quick updates.

Cat News
She is still in ICU yet her bp has improved somewhat. I am seeing her again tonight. DH came with me last night and saw her for the first time since she was admitted and he was so upset, which I thought would set me off but it didn't. I was quite calm yesterday. I think I am somewhat depressed if the truth be told - I'm detached and I hardly slept last night.

I was reading to my little cat as she lay hooked up to two IV's, a feeding tube and a kitty shade on her head - a Sookie Stackhouse book. It was the only way to keep myself together. Tonight I am going to groom her, take some food to tempt her with and read a little more. If she eats she could be home as soon as Monday.

Still no news from Cornell. I don't want to be annoying but I am getting a little frustrated. How many weeks does it take to get the freakin' info. What is going on??

On the bright side I now have two posts in, one permanent crown & one temporary crown. May have to have a root canal but i don't really care (my root guy is amazing). My dentist laughed - she said there isn't one tooth in my head that isn't somehow defunked. Tomorrow she has to drill what is left of one crown (that chipped) in order to replace it. Joy. I booked myself into Bliss to see 'George the wonder hands' tomorrow afternoon. I figure I deserve it.

Oh and my mammogram came back - all clear. big smile.

Dare I say it ... I think things are looking up?


  1. woo-hoo!! great news, things are looking up:) ....praying Cornell calls back SOON!

  2. I hope your kitty looks better when you see her next. I love that you read to her. I'm sure the sound of your voice was very comforting to her. As for the clinic, I totally get your frustration. It's not like you expect the transfer to happen tomorrow, but just a little stream of info would be nice - especially since you're hoping to get this thing off the ground soon! I'd keep bugging them....maybe they'll actually call your donor and press her for the info.

  3. Glad things are looking up - I'm sure your cat loved Sookie. She was my lifeline during the last 2ww. Read 8 of the books, still waiting to get hold of the 9th.

    Argh, don't you just hate when you don't know what's going on??! At least Cornell could tell you, she's out of town, or her period's late, or she isn't expecting a period for another week, or something! I feel the frustration. But I'm very impressed with your tooth progress and the mamogram. You are an inspiration!

  4. I am all for good news! Great news on your mammogram! Hope your kitty can come home soon, and glad your teeth are being renovated and OH I hope you hear from Cornell soon.

    And EB, how smart to reward yourself with Bliss. Sweet.

  5. Holy crapola! I can't believe you're so calm about a root canal, though I'll admit my last was in November and it was my first with an Endodontist and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

    Do you grind your teeth? (I do, which says a lot about my root canals)

  6. Congrats on the teeth and the mammogram. I'm sure your kitty enjoyed your visit. I hope she gets to come home on Monday, poor thing. Sucks that you haven't heard from Cornell - lack of info drives me crazy. I can only take it for so long before I start calling them to find out what the deal is.

  7. I want to bitch-slap your dentist. Seriously. Sorry you aren't done with that stuff yet, but I hope you are 150% soon. Reading about how you are taking such good care of your kitty and dealing with this difficult time with caring and grace just shows how great you'd be with your own kid some day. I hope Cornell gets back to you soon so you can get this on the road! Rooting (bad pun) for good news all around very very soon.

  8. Somehow the comment I wrote didn't get posted. I'm sorry. I was saying I'd been away for a few days and am so sorry to hear Miss Kitty is so sick. But I am glad you can go see her. She knows you are there and it IS helping her. I have cats that I adore. They are the children I don't have, little creatures to love, and love me back in their own unique ways. My life is so much better with my kitties and I'm sure yours is too. I am happy you can get her the best care and hope she is better soon. It does sound like you're getting the rest of your life "handled" though, so yeah...things are looking up!