Friday, July 31, 2009

So.... now what...?

I have a really important meeting today. At 12. With my Chairman. And what am I doing? I am reading blogs and wondering if by tonight I will be on BCP! I have lost my mind.

Still no word from coordinator Melissa. WTF. Am I on Day 1? Or have I messed up the whole damn cycle? Why didn't she tell me that I needed to inform her of this period - it's not like I have been out of her life. I have emailed her nearly every bloody week.

oh crapola. I hate not being in control which we all know is a recipe for disaster for IF.

Here's a question for you. Should I give up coffee? Is decaf OK? Even a decaf venti from StarB? I love coffee and am totally addicted. But I will give it up if I need to. Even the decaf. Here is something that will make you laugh - my warped sense of denial. Every morning I get a big decaf cap with skimmed milk. Oh I am so healthy, I think. Except I ask for an expresso with it!!!! But does that count since I am drinking a really big decaf? It's like eating chocolate with diet coke. They cancel each other out. Right.

I weighted myself this morning. Since I started my weight loss journey I am at 30 pounds. I started weight watchers after losing some weight so my WW book says 24 pounds. But my last IF cycle I weighed myself on the last day. I have done it. 30 pounds. Not that I am going to stop. I still have a LONG way to go and I want the official 30 pounds from Weight W.atchers. But still, thought I would toot my horn for moment.

OK. I have got to read this 79 page presentation I am supposed to presenting today. Work really gets in the way of obsessing about things.



  1. LOL. I'm glad you're not the only one who can't focus on work! The pounds are just fabulous. You must be starving yourself. No? Oh, I feel like I would be. Have been told to "avoid" caffeine but pretty much everyone said 1 cup (regular size) per day is not a big deal. I am a big tea drinker, so I did switch to decaf last year, which I don't mind, except that it's hard to get decaf black tea if you're out and about. I think you could go either way. How about half decaf and half regular? I see people ordering that all the time.

  2. Your post made me laugh too. First, totally fabulous and commendable that you've lost 30 pounds! In just a few months. Wow, you have drive, woman. Read your 79 pages, have your meeting then call MelIVFGal again. This is ridiculous that she sends you an email about your period and now won't get back to you.

    Coffee. I was an addict too. I cut down - although I still had 2 morning cups, I used 1/2 cup skim milk and 1/2 cup coffee for each (see, ends up just one cup of coffee really!). And now that I wake up with baseline nausea every day, I honestly can't even finish one of those cups. So don't worry too much - once you're with child, the craving will curb itself.

    Now good luck with your meeting!

  3. sweet EB,
    you've been so great with me lately as always- thank you so much for your support while I flail around and babble like a crazy person.

    and you, 30lbs! holy crap, good for you! and
    I swear, this whole communication thing with your clinic, don't even get me started. this might be the rant I have been waiting for.
    WTF indeed.

    hope all is well, that your presentation went swimmingly and that you know what the heck you are doing with your cycle.

    thanks so much, truly, always,


  4. Ha! LOVE the espresso in the decaf cap! You are hilarious! Congrats on the 30 lbs! That is awe-inspiring! And re: the coffee...If this is helpful to motivate you to cut back at all, my understanding (from the TCM perspective) is that the caffeine in your system takes up precious energy to process, energy that should be going to your reproductive organs. For that reason, I shouldn't be having any myself, but I confess I'll have a cup or two on the weekend because I love it so much. (especially StarB!)