Sunday, July 26, 2009

Red Velvet Cake.

That's what I decided on last night (along with a wedge of lettuce slathered in blue cheese dressing and fries). Oh abandon. Oh decadence. Oh indigestion.

We had diner then went to pick up cat. She looks so much better with that damn tube out of her nose although now she has an enormous tube coming out of her side. I can't do holes where they aren't supposed to be very well so I sat down before I fainted and DH dealt with everything.
She is now sporting a really cute t-shirt (that keeps the tube in place). She is still very sick but she got home and went straight for her paper bag bed (we bought her a lovely sheepskin bed but she prefers the bag from the deli) and started purring. Yes, folks, we have a purry furry once more. I sat with her, she purred even more. We fed her 'gruel' she purred. I fed her this morning and not only was she purring, she fell fast asleep during her feed!!
I am delighted. I think this is going to be all OK. She is totally adorable and whilst we had to spend our vacation money for this year and next, it is worth every penny. (I'll tell you a secret, in her tshirt she feels like a baby - you know, that full soft belly feeling. ohhhhhhh).

On the IF front...
AF arrived this morning. I had very strange symptoms this time around. I wonder if its a reaction to the D&C I had or the hormones I took in the last round? Long time ago though. Maybe its just age and stress. Whatever it was I felt like I was coming down with the flu. Anyone ever get that? I have till 2 to the next feeding, medication etc so I shall try to take a nap, have some vit C and sniff out my m.ydol. At times I really enjoy being on my period: The relief of the symptoms. The defining fact of it all. And then there's the other 90% of the time!!
Last night DH asked how many times we were doing DE. Odd question since we had already decided we could only afford once. He wants only once. I want only once but not for financial reasons.

Happy Sunday all.


  1. ohoh mymy
    red velvet cake- a worthy splurge-- and holy crap EB, you are down 30 lbs already?? good for you! wow! That is so impressive!

    Glad your kitty is home (yay)
    and that you sound so good. I am sure it helps for her to be doing better- it is hard to be so worried and uncertain.

    and I am wishing you a wonderful day,

  2. Happy Sunday to you! Mmmm. Yes, your indulgences are very good choices...My mouth is watering!
    Purring kitty = yay! And the image of her in a T-shirt is too cute!
    Sorry you're not feeling well today - I do sometimes get flu-ish symptoms with AF, too, and I agree it's likely stress. Take good care of yourself today, hon. XOXO

  3. Red velvet cake was a great choice! Gorgeously decadent. And oh - blue cheese and fries to boot. Yes, I am a fry fanatic as well. Hot, crispy and salty, please. So glad kitty is home and purring up a storm. A G-tube is so much preferable to a nasogastric tube. Just keep an eye on the skin around the tube to be sure it doesn't get raw, infected or goopy. I bet she was just soft and sweet as could be in her little t-shirt. Well, I don't know about flu symptoms in connection with AF - let's hope you're not getting sick. Keep that vitamin C handy!

  4. Glad kitty is home. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now, kind of like having a newborn! Hope this is your trial run.

    Glad AF is here and you are ready for the next step.

  5. So happy to hear kitty is home again. I hope she makes a swift recovery now. (And Red Velvet is one of my absolute favs!) I used to have flu-like symptoms until I got acupuncture on a regular basis. Then they just kind of went away, along with the terrible cramps. Still get mild ones, but they are MUCH more bearable.