Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thank you

for cheering me up guys. Your support is so needed and so welcome.

Pussycat is still off but she is eating (sort of). She gave me a cuddle this morning and purred which I think is a good thing. I'm still taking her in to the vet tomorrow. It might be age but she isn't that old (8 ). It might be heat but it's not even that hot. We've been together for 7 years. Se here's hoping.

I am taking a mental health day.
I slept in this morning. 9am. Sweet. Then I booked a massage at bliss (eh) and walked home via bookstores and shoe stores and my fave organic salad place! Must say, I am feeling a little better. For sure.
I booked a couple of theatre tickets for this week, booked a long massage with ' super hands' and cancelled everything I didn't have to do so I can put my shoulder to the grindstone and get my damn teeth fixed. Damn, I will have super choppers.

Not as super as Bill. Any watch T.rue Bl.ood? We just gorged on the first season (Apple TV). So good. Funny and thoughtful and yeah, a little sexy too!! I have such great dreams after an episode of TB. We don't have HBO so I have to wait for Season 2. I hope it coincides with my bed rest ;-)

Thanks again all. Hope I can do it for you one day.


  1. Glad things are a bit better today - a little pampering goes a long way! I have read the books TrueBlood is based on, LOVE them (totally braincandy). I have TrueBlood on my NetFlix list, so we should be getting them soon.

  2. Happy to hear you were good to yourself today and feeling more at peace. Way to cope with a bad day! Haven't checked out True Blood yet, but I will now!

    P.S. I hope this comment gets through - I commented yesterday, too, but it didn't seem to get saved!

  3. So good to hear you are feeling better. I am not familiar with True Blood, but based on your description, I'm going to look for it! I hope Pussycat gets a good bill of health at the vet tomorrow. And I hope the denist is able to get everything squared away with your teeth. Cancelling nonessentials was a great idea! Enjoy the massages.

  4. Good luck with your kitty cat!
    I am so sorry about your days recently- I hope everything, EVERYTHING gets better.