Saturday, July 18, 2009

She's coming home!!

We went in yesterday to see little cat. She is scruffy and still yellow, hooked up to the IV and really stinky BUT she noticed us and when we put her on the (blanketed) ground she struggled to get onto my lap for a cuddle meowing all the time. She noticed me, wanted me to pet her, cuddle her and break her out! Amazingly DH got her to eat - which made me bawl! She only licked his gravy covered finger a few times but its the first real food for over a week. If she can eat by Thursday they will a) take out the nasal tube and b) not put in a permanent feeding tube in her stomach.

The best news of all... she gets to come home tonight. I can bath her and cuddle her all night. I am ecstatic! We have to feed her 3x a day thru her nose-tube till Thursday but we are going to get her onto solids by hook or by crook. Roasted chicken, shrimp - I am pulling out all the stops. Any ideas welcome! She also has awful diarrhea (sorry TMI) from the medicine but I don't care. She is coming home.
K asked for a photo so here she is before she got sick.

Other News
It's weigh in day. I lost another 1.8 pounds making the total over 22 pounds. I only have 8 pounds to my first baby goal.

I am so please last week is no longer this week. Thanks for all your help and support


  1. So glad kitty is improving! I think thick gravy sort of stuff with meat bits is a good tempter - but our cats eat anything. Good luck getting her to eat.

    I am so amazed that you were able to stay on the wagon last week (food wise!) with all the crap going on. Very impressive, and every pound is helping you be healthier!

  2. Hooray for sweet Miss Kitty! She has been working hard these past days, with a goal to get home to you. I'm sure once she is home, your love and attention will help her heal all the more quickly. Love has a way of doing that. Your continued weight loss is've not for a moment lost sight of your goal (thinking and craving chocolate and fries don't count against you). Sheesh, only 8 more pounds to go? At the rate you've been going, you'll get there before you know it! And then you'll be harassing Cornell again to get the show on the road!

  3. Great news for you and your kitty. Also, much congrats on your 1.8 lbs this week. Excellent job! Hoping that next week is stellar, you totally deserve it!

  4. Big hugs to wonderful, sweet kitty and, yes, give her whatever yummy quality food her little heart desires!

    Congrats on the weight loss - it's truly inspiring!

  5. So wonderful that kitty is coming home. I read that animals recover more quickly at home with their people near by. I guess the same is probably true of many humans. Sometimes the medicine mixtures give diarrhea. My dog had her anal glands removed and she couldn't control her bowels. The doctor kept telling us to give her more and more fiber with her food. Finally I took her off of all of the medicines. She completely recovered in a couple of days. My prayers are with you.

  6. Awwwwww...what a sweet miss kitty. I lover her little white paws. Taking some canned cat food and mixing it with water to dilute it (so she can lap it up) might be helpful the first couple of days you're trying to get solids in her. It will make the other end a little runny, but it probably already is. ;) So happy she can come home!

  7. Yay -- kitty coming home. I bet she feels a lot more comfortable once she's back in her own place and hope it will be easier to get her to eat. (We used to give sick kitties those pouches of tuna or salmon that you can get at the grocery store. . .they seemed to like it. Or cooked chicken. Or the little jars of baby food made from meat, but you have to be careful to get something that is mostly meat, since cats are real carnivors and aren't usually helped much by veg.) Yay on the weight loss too and hope you get some clearer answers and some good news on timing from Cornell next week!