Saturday, July 11, 2009

It just keeps acomin'

Today was crap. It was the straw that broke the camel's back.
Weigh in - gained 0.4 pounds. Not a surprise but not easy to hear
Eating my bagel before the group another crown came off and this time the post came out with it.

So now, before the DE starts (assuming it starts in August) I have to have two post and crowns put in, one crown replaced, four roots retreated and if possible a fourth reroot canal. Oh, not to forget my three ruptured disks and the annular tear.

And worse of all, I think my adorable cat may be sick.

It just doesn't stop happening. I am exhausted and fed up. I can't take any more medical crap happening to me. I feel guilty for complaining - after all I have it good compared to others - but still... enough already. Please.


  1. sending you a big hug, sorry you are going through so much right now.

  2. I hope you're not using the same dentist who did all the original work -- they shouldn't all be falling out like that! And I know you don't want to gain weight, but 0.4 lbs sounds more like a "fluctuation" to me rather than a "gain." I suppose having serious dental work on 2 teeth could help decrease your food intake for a while...if you want to consider that a silver lining. Thank you for your soft words and encouragement on my blog today. Panic is NOT a good feeling.

  3. Wow -- this stuff with the teeth sounds just awful. I'm sorry. Weight fluctuation and/or gain = frusturating beyond words, I know, I've am there/been there, all of that. Wishing an easier day tomorrow for you: the cat having slept off whatever was bugging her, soft sunshine and good coffee, and the Sunday papers. Love to you,

  4. Yeah, .4 lbs is no big deal, don't be too hard on yourself. But holy shit, I am so sorry about the dental crap. That's just enough, already. Really. I hope you can get it all handled soon. This too, shall pass. Chin up, and ((hugs)).

  5. Oh, and wishing miss kitty wellness, soon.

  6. I agree with earlier comment that I would be extremely concerned to use the same dentist. A crown should NOT just fall out. I have 5, yes 5 crowns and only one has ever fallen out and I have a new, really high-end cosmetic dentist now who said, a crown that falls out is a crown that was not made properly. It just should not happen - EVER!

    So to have several fall out WITH POST - oh my!

    So sorry about the kitty - my furbabies are so important to me, anything that happens to them worries me.

  7. Hopefully you are getting all the bad stuff for the next 10 years out of the way this month. It is totally unfair that your teeth are falling out and your back is all crunched up! Hope you are able to get most of this resolved (in all your free time) before you start meds in August. And that Kitty is feeling more the thing today. Good luck!